Getting your teeth checked and cleaned is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. Besides keeping your gums and teeth healthy, doctor can also detect problems such as gum disease or cavities and rectify them before they worsen. Depending on your oral health, you may need to get your teeth cleaned every six months.
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What Is Cleaning and Polishing?
- Cleaning: As we eat and drink, food and bacteria may accumulate in our teeth, which eventually becomes dental plaque. Over time, the dental plaque may calcify and harden to form tartar. While regular brushing and flossing may remove some plaque, can’t remove tartar. It will have to be removed by the hygienist
- Polishing: Usually done after cleaning, polishing removes surface stains while making your teeth smooth and shiny.

What is the process of dental cleaning?
- Teeth cleaning routine usually involves two procedures: cleaning and polishing.

  • Firstly, the hygienist will go after the most stubborn buildup with anultrasonic tool, which uses the power of fine vibrations to break up tartar and water to flush it away.
  • Secondly, the hygienist may use hand tools to remove any smaller spots of buildup and to smooth out the tooth surface. If not removed, this bacteria- laden debris can lead to cavities and gum disease.
  • After your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned and all the plaque and tartarremoved, then it’s time for polishing. Most polishing is done with a tiny rubber cup that spins on the end of a hand-held wand. Before polishing your teeth, the hygienist scoops up some prophy paste onto the rubber cup. Prophy paste is like an extra-gritty version of toothpaste, which oftencomes in similar flavors. The hygienist then applies the prophy paste to your teeth, and the spinning of the cup polishes your teeth and removes stains.
  • After rinsing your mouth, the hygienist may floss your teeth by dental floss.

If you have any questions about the dental cleaning process, always feel free to ask us! We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

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