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How to protect tooth enamel after bleaching
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Created at: 2020-02-18 02:12:52

Needs beauty is no stranger to us in this society, is the need for beauty, facial aesthetics, teeth, hair. In order to have a teeth that looks like corn grain, with bright white spotless many people did not hesitate to regret their efforts and money. One of the methods that many people choose to beautify their teeth is cosmetic whitening, which has the advantages and convenience of a very specific treatment that stimulates the needs of many people. However, after bleaching, having beautiful teeth with an aesthetic mouth, the problem of how to protect tooth enamel after bleaching is exactly the issue that everyone cares about.

Cách bảo vệ men răng sau khi tẩy trắng

Usually because of cheap ham and convenience many people always choose a simple method of bleaching that is buy the bleach at the pharmacy and make it yourself at home. Even without the guidance of a dentist, if you know how to use and use bleach in the right dosage, the effect it brings is also very positive. However, if used improperly and too much on the bleach ingredients, it is likely to be counterproductive to adversely affect oral health.

Cách bảo vệ men răng sau khi tẩy trắng

So to achieve satisfactory results as well as safety during cosmetic bleaching process, you should choose a reputable dentist to be consulted and directly treated by a specialist. At the dentistry and especially Dr.Tooth dentistry, laser teeth whitening method is very effective and safe, especially saving time and cost.

After whitening, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the treatment and to not affect the enamel, after 24 hours of bleaching, you should not eat or drink. And especially pay attention to limit foods containing more acid or food containing many colors to color back and affect tooth enamel. Because after bleaching is still very sensitive teeth, it is very easy to be affected by the external components are enamel.

Cách bảo vệ men răng sau khi tẩy trắng

You also should not eat foods that are too hot or too cold because it will most likely cause severe pain. You only need to pay attention to these things in the first few days after whitening. After that, you can eat and live normally.

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