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Full-teeth dental implant technique on dental Implant: All-on-4
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Created at: 2020-01-09 02:57:16

Implant is an effective method for restoring lost teeth. Along with the development, there are many new transplant techniques that show superiority in difficult cases. In the case of total tooth loss, there is a lot of bone resorption, the conventional method of transplantation requires 8-10 Implants, which must be very complicated. Therefore, Nobel Biocare, one of the leading Swiss manufacturing companies, invented the All-on-4 technique. With this technique, the doctor only needs to put 4 Implants into the jawbone, 2 front Implants are plugged perpendicular to the jaw bone, 2 Rear Implants are inclined 30-45 degrees. These 4 implants can support 10-12 dentures. Applies to both upper and lower jaws.


In clinical practice, the All-on-4 technique has advantages over traditional implanting techniques for total tooth loss with much bone resorption:

  • By tilting the second 2 Implants increases bone-implant contact and helps avoid important anatomical structures. There are fixed dentures right after transplant.
  • Dentures are fixed (bolted) to the abutment, convenient for disassembly cleaning and repair as needed.
  • Implant less, less sinus lifting, bone grafting, minimize costs and pain for patients.

Main patient, which is pension insurance, has a high percentage of total dental loss and bone resorption. The Faculty conducted the All-on-4 technique with Implant, 3D CT positioning software and a trough (or arc) surgical guide from Nobel Biocare. The procedure is still performed like a conventional Implant transplant, including the following steps:

  • First step: Examination and counseling
  • Second step: Take CT film Cone beam, plan
  • Third step: Implant transplant.

A specific case: The patient (patient) is male, 64 years old, with strong upper jaw bone target and 3 loose teeth. Patients are assigned to remove loose teeth and complete dentures to ensure function and aesthetics. Patients do not want to be removable dentures but want to be fixed. Based on that requirement, the All-on-4 technique is reviewed and implemented, the time from transplantation to temporary restoration in 2 days, permanent restoration after 6 months. Patients are satisfied with the aesthetic and chewing function.

Jaws on bone resorption, indications of loose tooth extraction and full prosthesis

Temporary prosthesis after tooth extraction and 4 Implant transplant


Permanent restoration with screws after 6 months

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