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How to make the most eficient storage invisalign
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Created at: 2020-02-10 09:37:49


Many of you wonder, "Is preservation of invisalign troughs necessary?". DrTooth would like to confirm is very necessary, guys. A simple example you try to imagine the yellow, deformed tray, the carrying tray is no longer invisible and transparent. The original purpose of finding an invisible brace becomes meaningless, improper care of the tray is also prone to deforming the tray, making the treatment time be prolonged even many unwanted tooth movement complications.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following storage of invisalign troughs:

Always remove the tray every time you eat

The dentist recommends that you remove the tray every time you eat or drink colored food because if you use the chewing tray, the chewing force transmitted from the jaw lift muscles is very strong and the trough will be punctured and deformed.

In addition, the important feature of the invisalign brace is transparent, if you put food in the tray, the food is in color, it is no longer transparent. On the other hand, food that is easy to ferment quickly makes your gum tissue inflamed, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay.

Do not expose the tray to hot water or high temperature areas

Some people think that using hot water will clean the tray better, but people have forgotten that the invisalign tray is made from flexible plastic, if you use too hot water, you will immediately deform the trough. You also do not use the tray to drink hot foods like soup, hot rice ...

And you should also absolutely avoid the area where the sun shines on or let places such as heaters, rice cookers, hot temperatures maintain for a long time can cause the elasticity of the tray to disappear quickly reduce. therapeutic effect.

Store trays in a fixed position

Sometimes you have to remove the brace tray to eat, drink coffee, play competitive sports, or even you want to have a little romance with your lover, so you should plan to store and preserve the tray well. You should not leave the tray indiscriminate position such as tables and chairs, pants pocket.

Some customers of DrTooth recalled that when they went to the wedding, they took off the trough and used the tissue to wrap the tray, then put it on the table. Family members do not know they are garbage and thrown away. Or have you put the tray in your pocket, then forget to put it into the washing machine to make the tray completely deformed.

We always give patients the trough storage device is a hard box with identifiable colors, aesthetic look to help you find it again when lost, less likely to be discarded or hurt by impact, heat. degree.

Always clean the tray every time you take apart

At least every time you brush your teeth, clean the tray or use a towel, pay attention not to use strong toothpaste because in toothpaste contains abrasives, making the scratched tray lose the smooth, transparent. . You can wash on running water. Keeping 

The trays always bright white makes it easy to wear them.

The invisalign brace tray can sometimes be used as a genuine whitening trough, you only need to buy bleached toothpaste or a special bleach from the dentist, put the drug into the trough and suck for about 1-2 hours. The bleaching by making use of invisalign trough should consult your dentist.


Immediately notify the dentist when the tray is broken or missing

Braces are based on the principle of constant light force. Do you know why invisalign is more expensive than other types on the market ?. Partly because invi's tray-making plastics are proprietary, they are slow to degrade, supple, tough but also strong enough for most physiological teeth to move. When you have a broken or missing tray, immediately notify the dentist that you have taken measures to refresh or skip the tray. Because then ensure the force acting continuously on the teeth, avoiding interruptions from which treatment is prolonged.

The above tips will help keep your teeth and Invisalign tray from being dirty, stained during treatment. If you want another white smile, contact DrTooth dentist about whitening your teeth during Invisalign's treatment. Your doctor may prescribe a whitening gel that is placed inside the Invisalign tray and worn for 30 minutes at some point during the procedure.

Hopefully the above article will help you in preserving invisalign braces most effectively. If you are experiencing deviant teeth, ho, mouth, ... and want to improve your smile with this wonderful method, contact the specialists at DrTooth Dental Clinic right away. With the experience of performing thousands of transparent braces, we will certainly help you create a smile, regain confidence for yourself. Come and feel the difference from service to people here.

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