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Advantages of Cone beam CT over Panorama film
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Created at: 2020-01-08 02:04:07

In medicine in general and dentistry in particular, there has been great progress thanks to the support of science and technology, the application of modern machines in diagnosis and treatment. Currently, Cone beam CT creates 3-dimensional images of the tooth structure, soft tissue, nerves, and maxillofacial region, which are more popular, allowing more accurate treatment planning. Although the radiation exposure from CTCB is significantly more than that of local dental X-ray, it has many advantages over near-top films and Panorama films.

Through a specific patient case in the Dental Clinic: A 62-year-old female patient came to the clinic with the reason of pain on the left side of her face. Exploiting prehistoric history and history, the patient had 2.6 tooth extraction for a long time, no longer clearly remember the extraction of the tooth or the root; Clinical examination, live jaw region function R2.6, good success; no manifestations of infection; No numbness or loss of skin sensation. The patient was taken regular Panorama scan to check that the sinus T sinus image has inflammation, suspected due to residual root in sinus but unknown. The patient was continued with Cone Beam CT scan, through the tomography, it was clearly seen that there was a crown of teeth in T sinus; Since then, in collaboration with the Department of Otolaryngology, there is a specific plan for sinusitis surgery to remove the root in the sinus.
Currently, the Department of Oral Medicine - Central Military Hospital 108 has been equipped with a very modern Cone beam CT X-ray machine with many features, capturing 2D Panorama movies with digital film printing and 3D images via software. The reader is installed on the DVD to make it easy for both patients and doctors to view and research. It is recommended that, when suspecting an injury that Panorama does not detect, it is recommended to take Cone Beam CT to see more clearly.

Figure 1: Unclear panorama movie

Figure 2, 3, 4, 5: Cone Beam CT, clearly shows that a part of the crown is located in the sinus T

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