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Invisalign Braces Process At Dr Tooth Dental Clinic
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Created at: 2020-03-05 03:32:23

Invisalign is artistic technology and meanwhile your respect, there is no difference, it is their difference. Part of our video games is one of the best.


1. Free examination and consultation
When you come to DrTooth Dental Clinic, you will have an invisalign specialist examination and FREE consultation on the condition of your teeth and occlusal to see if you are suitable for Invisalign braces method. With the latest product line (G6 series, G7 series ...), Invisalign has been able to cure cases of severe tooth, heavy tooth, deep bite, open bite, heavy crooked teeth, ...

2. Taking teeth impression and establishing treatment regimen
After you have agreed to choose Invisalign, your doctor will proceed to develop a specific treatment plan for you. First you will have X-rays and oral cavities. The doctor will scan your teeth. After you have all the data and images, the doctor will send these data to the Invisalign laboratory in USA to build the Invisalign 3D course for your case.

3. Preview the results and determine the duration of treatment
At Invisalign's laboratory in the US, Invisalign experts will enter your data parameters into Clincheck software. The algorithm of the software will calculate how much force your teeth will need and how long it will take to move your teeth to the most reasonable position. The software will show your change process by a Clincheck video.

Within 2-3 weeks, your doctor will make an appointment to see you in the clinic and show you the Clincheck video to show how your teeth will change after a few weeks, months, and at the end of treatment. Invisalign braces for most patients will take about 1-2 years. Please come to Dr.Tooth Dental Clinic now for more specific advice!

4. Get the first Invisalign tray set
After about 1 week of Clincheck video, you will be appointment by doctor to receive the first Invisalign orthodontic tray. Invisalign tray sets are designed for each treatment case. The trays are made of transparent plastic, almost invisible, not causing discomfort to your cheeks or tongue like braces and can be removed when eating and brushing.

Before wearing a tray, the doctor will attach attachments to your teeth, which are smart force points using SmartForce technology to help your teeth move properly. These attachments are also nearly invisible and will be discarded at the end of treatment.

You need to replace the tray set every 2 weeks. The new set of trays is designed to fit your teeth state at the end of the previous 2 weeks. During the first days of the next 2 weeks, you will not feel very comfortable. But gradually you will feel more comfortable, the tray will fit more. This proves that the Invisalign tray is acting to move your teeth.


5. Wear the tray daily and follow up
Invisalign will work best when you wear the tray for 20-22 hours a day. So you have to wear the Invisalign tray all day and night except when you eat and clean your teeth. Like braces, it will take you a few days to get used to speaking when you wear the braces. And in most cases, you will need a follow-up visit every 6 weeks. Your doctor will monitor the movement of your teeth and make additional adjustments as needed to ensure the best outcome.

You will also receive a new set of trays every 2 weeks and you can change the tray yourself without seeing your doctor. You can also eat and drink everything as usual and most people will not realize that you are wearing orthodontic tray.


When you finish wearing the last tray, your Invisalign braces are done. Not only are your teeth more beautiful, but your face also changes after braces!

Like most orthodontic methods, there is still a chance that your teeth will move back into place after a while. So ask your doctor if you need to wear a maintenance tray!

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